Opera  ˈɒp(ə)rə/ noun

A Story through words & music  / a dramatic work set to music

Performance is not just about the professional singers, dancers, choreographers and designers, but is increasingly being recognized for its benefits to individuals in the community: an opportunity to inhabit a new role, to be involved closely with others in creating something exceptional; enriching self-expression.

Now in its third year, The Grange Festival is continuing its Learning@TheGrange programme for schools and the local community, sharing its passion for opera and dance with young and old alike. Our aim is to demystify opera and dance, creating exciting and stimulating opportunities to engage with the Hampshire public.

At a time when performing arts, especially music, are increasingly being sidelined in the national curriculum, we are committed to helping our local schools to keep the arts alive.   We will be engaging with young people and their teachers to spark creativity, build confidence and stimulate imagination through music, drama, dance and design. 

For the wider community, we will be opening our doors, welcoming people to our magnificent theatre and the beautiful setting of The Grange with a greater range of out-of-season events. We will also be taking our knowledge and expertise into schools and youth groups and touching the more fragile members of our community, for whom we hope to provide life-enhancing support with interactive and inspiring workshops.

Exciting times ahead!

Susan Hamilton
Head of Learning

Learning@TheGrange 2019


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