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Our World

Come and Create 2022

Our World

Behind the scenes

The Grange Festival have been shortlisted as finalists for the 'Music & Drama Education Awards 2023'. We are one of only three organisations nationwide shortlisted for 'Excellence in Musical Theatre (Music & Drama) category.

This short documentary gets behind-the-scenes of this fantastic project and dives into how 75 inspiring young people, guided by out outstanding creative team, came together to create their own opera in just five days.

Background info

In August 2022 we welcomed 75 young people, aged 10-15 years, from 27 different schools to The Grange. Most didn’t know anyone. Most were rather bewildered and slightly nervous. They were tasked with devising and performing their own original contemporary opera. In just five days!

New friendships were quickly made, barriers were lowered. Inspired by WWF’s insight, they discussed and debated the environmental issues facing Our World. Our outstanding creative team helped to shape their ideas through text, music, dance, and design. Encouraging collaboration, decision making and a ‘give it a go’ attitude. No ideas were completely disregarded.

Over the first two days, collective thoughts on a story line and musical material came together. Dances were considered and designs developed. By the third day their piece was refined and finalised. Every child had part ownership.

Rehearsals began, the bar was set high, confidence grew, their production came together.

After five days of fast creative teamwork, their original piece was performed on our professional stage at The Grange to an audience of family, friends and supporters.

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