Festival Friends

Our Festival Friends are lovers of opera, music and dance who want to see world-class opera and dance flourish at The Grange.

We may have a magnificent home for our Festival, but there is no wealthy backer in the wings here, and ticket sales only cover half the cost of each production. This means we need every penny donated each year by our wonderful supporters to keep our Festival going, as well as our education and community projects.

If you are a Friend, we warmly thank you. We hope you will stay with us (details are below). Without you, the Festival simply wouldn’t happen.

If you are not a supporter yet, please consider if you can help us, the details of our Festival Friends are below.

All our Friends enjoy priority booking and all donations are acknowledged in the Festival programme. We like to keep in touch with our Friends during the year and hope you may wish to join us at some of our out-of-season events that often focus on our forthcoming productions. All Friends levels expire at the end of July each year.

The Sweet Spot

Benefit price £100 | Suggested voluntary donation £4,900

Every stage has that unique place that projects the voice perfectly and produces a quality of sound to tickle the hairs on the back of your neck.

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The Limelight

Benefit price £80 | Suggested voluntary donation £2,420

Before electricity, theatres produced intense light by directing a flame at a cylinder of quicklime.

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The Prompt Corner

Benefit price £50 | Suggested voluntary donation £950

Every theatre needs one. Without this, it might not be alright on the night.

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The Rostrum

Benefit price £33 | Suggested voluntary donation £497

The birds eye view and position of power guiding the orchestra with a flick of the wrist

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The Wings

Benefit price £25 | Suggested voluntary donation £225

It’s all happening here in the secret, silent world. Prop tables are ready, quick changes are prepared, the crew are primed, the cast are awaiting their cues.

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The Footlights

Benefit price £7.50 | Suggested voluntary donation £32.50

The original theatre lighting: once upon a time as candles, now used as a special effect.

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The High Flyers

£10 | Under 35's Only

Traditional scenery operators worked on the fly walks high above the stage.

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The Grange Festival is a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales.

(company number 9828929 and charity number 1165859)