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Open House

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What is 'Open House'?

Open House is a free opportunity for Hampshire students to experience world class opera and jazz in our magnificent theatre!

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Open House aims to give a new audience the opportunity to see our season’s full-scale productions. Our insightful introductions led by outstanding facilitators will explain operatic story lines, musical themes, details and designs.

Our new audience will be introduced to members of our creative teams, cast, orchestral members and back stage technicians to give them a full understanding of the rehearsal process and technical complexities.

For many, this will be the first time they have visited a professional theatre. We hope that the experience of hearing an opera singer, sounds of full orchestra and the sights of a staged production will open their eyes, broaden their horizons and encourage them to want more!

I was mesmerized by how well the orchestra played. It has inspired me to listen to different styles and genres of music more.

Ava, Year 5 (Preston Candover)
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