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How can opera play a part in developing essential skills in young people – curiosity, leadership, persistence, resilience? Combining a broad range of expressive arts – music, drama, dance, design, creative writing and visual arts – we use opera to nurture creativity and give young people a platform from which to explore and develop their imagination.

2024 Projects

Come and create excerpt

Come and Create

Wild Hampshire Excerpt

Wild Hampshire

2023 Projects

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Gosport Cultural Education Project

NB STAGE 134of256

Open House

Learning at The Grange Schools Workshops

2022 Projects

Our World Excerpt

Our World

Come and Create 2022

Planet Food Excerpt

Planet Food

A performing arts project in collaboration with WWF

2021 Projects

Future Visions Excerpt

Future Visions

Supported by Provident Financial, Barings, Phillips Solicitors & LMW

2020 Projects

GF 00000 TMITM Dig Com Proj

Out of Darkness into Light

The Monster in the Maze

GF 00153 A World Of Your Own Hero v2 Title Alt

A World of Your Own

2019 Projects

Like Unlike Exc


Mozart in the Making square Exc

Mozart in the Making

Figaro Excerpt

Fun with Figaro

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Shakespeare and Verdi



2019 School’s Performance

2018 Projects

Barber Excerpt

The Barber of Seville

What's it all about?

Time Capsule Excerpt

Time Capsule

Come and Create

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