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This summer, 70 teenagers from 20 different educational backgrounds came together at The Grange to create a contemporary opera LikeUnlike, based on their experiences of social media, in five days. Working with a team led by Karen Gillingham (Director) and Richard Taylor (Music Director), we challenged their opinions on the present-day dilemma of social media – Love it or hate it? How do we perceive ourselves and others?

Inspired by their discussion, they worked together in groups to develop a storyline, music, choreography and design for an hour-long original show on the last afternoon. In the process, they overcame personal inhibitions, expanded their imaginations, formed friendships and took creative ownership – and even re-titled – the opera #LitOnline.

#LitOnline Documentary

Lit Online

Get behind the scenes on #LitOnline

Rob Gildon in Conversation

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Join Baritone Rob Gildon as he talks to 3 participants of #LitOnline

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