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Future Visions

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An original creative response to a global emergency by the future custodians of our planet.

Future Visions brings together Learning@TheGrange and WWF - an arts organization and a leading conservation group - to look at our damaged world through new lenses.

This summer, Learning@TheGrange, in collaboration with WWF, has given a voice to nearly 250 young people aged seven to 23 years, to express their hopes for a sustainable future.

Through interactive workshops guided by exceptional creative professionals, groups from ten schools and educational institutions discussed and debated different global landscapes from the Amazon Rainforest to our Ancient Woodlands here in the UK. They examined WWF’s scientific truths, explored the steps that countries and individuals need to take to drive transformative change and developed a vision for the future.

In responding, they were encouraged to dig deep into their imaginations. They wrote text, composed music and choreographed dance to represent how they want life to be on our living planet. Their songs were filmed and illustrated with WWF footage.

These films are intended to be shown at a number of global conferences, including COP26 in November, to drive conversations about how to sustain life on Earth.

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