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Here is a list of stirring musical choices made by someone steeped in music making from an early age, as you can see in his accompanying notes. With a famous baritone as a grandfather and parents also immersed in the music profession, it is not a total surprise that Tony Kraus should now be a conductor and much demanded vocal coach. The Grange Festival was lucky to grab him from the start as its chorus master, and this year Tony steps up onto the podium for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The keen-eared amongst you will notice a repetition from a previous playlist, our first I believe. As I did in my 8th, Tony has chosen Thomas Tallis’s motet for 40 separate voices, Spem in Alium. I didn’t ask him to change it, because I think we would all benefit from a second hearing, so rich is its texture, so spine-tingling its power. This time the recording is old, from King’s College Chapel in the 1960s.

If any of you would like to suggest a piece of music which we haven’t played and which you think should be in a Grange playlist, I would love to hear what it is and include it in the future. And if I get lots of suggestions, we could have a whole compilation made by you – “Music while you lock”. There is no limit to genre or taste; please feel free to share a musical passion of any sort with our followers.

As always, Happy Listening

With my best wishes

Michael Chance

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