SSD Sinead

Sounds of Social Distancing | Sinéad O'Neill

Sounds of Social Distancing |

Those of you who came to our weather-beaten Precipice in the summer will have detected an original and highly individual sensibility at work behind the production. We saw some surprising and provocative images, not least in the far distance across the parkland. They linger long in the memory.

The imagination behind it all was that of Sinéad O’Neill. Here is her Playlist - eclectic, surprising and supported by her notes, full of poetry and drama. She ranges widely. Any choice which starts with the Velvet Underground and ends with Oxonian malfeasance has to be worth listening to. She has devised it for an enveloping autumnal evening filled with solace and darkness.

We will send out two more playlists before the end of the year, one for Advent and one for Christmas.

You will be hearing from us quite often over the next weeks with news of more events. The prospect of a full Festival next year looks ever more likely with recent news of a vaccine and rapid testing. We are full of optimism.

Happy listening

Michael Chance

November. I turn again to the paradoxical duo of solace and darkness - walking through cold air watching leaves falling, curling up by the fire with a murder mystery, finding comfort in the eerie and mysterious. My listening has turned that way too, and so here, for you, are my Songs of Eyes and Spying.

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