Sounds of Social Distancing | Week 5

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The grapevine tells me that the idiosyncratic range of these playlists is not yet irritating. As we progress, further liberties may well emerge. It’s a risky game this playlist lark. I await the first complaint.

There are two substantial meditative pieces here, with a mid-20th century masterpiece of demanding intensity finishing this sequence, and a popular symphonic movement by Beethoven (encored at its first hearing) in the middle. J. Strauss, Mozart, Handel, Rameau and John Adams comprise the operatic ingredients, sprinkled with bonnes bouches from across the centuries.

I do hope nobody gets unduly exercised about the first track. I have previously said that any music with obvious links to C-19 is accidental. This time it isn’t ! Apologies in advance.

Happy Listening

Michael Chance

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