The Monster in the Maze | Digital Project


A community opera, music by Jonathan Dove, libretto by Alasdair Middleton.


No matter where you are, and who you are or aren’t with, it’s time to come together for some creative distraction!


Although our community opera The Monster in the Maze has been postponed, please join us to create a virtual choir!


How to follow the project

Follow Suzi & Tom vocal warms ups and the 3 teaching ‘Phrase’ clips in your own time, at your own pace – it should only take 30-45 minutes.

When you have the hang of the ‘phrases’, we hope you will film yourself and send us the clips.   We will layer the clips together to create our ‘virtual performance’ like the example below:

Somewhere over the rainbow


How to film yourself

You’ll need two devices and a pair of headphones. One device to video yourself on (this could be your phone) and another to listen to and watch the guide track/video (this could be your laptop/PC).

We suggest using headphone in one ear, so that you can hear the track and also still hear yourself.

If you don’t have two devices, maybe someone could help by recording you on their phone, or you should be able to listen and record at the same time on a laptop. If you hit record on your camera first and then play on the guide track you can sing along. Once you’re done with the section, click back on to your camera and press stop! Don’t worry, we can tidy up the start and the end.

Although you might feel exposed singing on your own, you will be part of a large group, so please feel relaxed and very much yourselves. You can film in landscape or portrait orientation, ideally with a simple background, and good light helps – daylight from a window on your face is usually plenty.


What to do next

Once you’ve recorded your three short clips, send them to, by 8 June latest. Please tell us who you are and which clip is which.

WeTransfer is free and quick and easy. Follow the link below, add in the emails and the clips and then press send. WeTransfer will tell you when it’s sent and will also tell you when we’ve downloaded them.

If you have any problems with recording or sending the clips, get in touch with Alice using the above email and she will happily help you out.


If you or any of the participants are under 18, we will need you to sign a permission form for us to use the video. If you click the link below it will take you to the online form which you can fill out and send back through our website.

We hope you enjoy the project!


If you have any questions, please contact


We hope to incorporate all the clips which we receive; however for various reasons, it might not be possible to use all of them. Thank you for your understanding. 


Intro Video

Tom and Suzi introduce the project.

Watch Now

Warm Up Video

Suzi takes you through a magical warm up

Watch Now

Warm up song

A lovely little warm up song!

Watch Now

Phrase 1

Suzi,Tom and James teach you Phrase 1

Watch Now

Phrase 2

Suzi,Tom and James teach you Phrase 2

Watch Now

Phrase 3

Suzi,Tom and James teach you Phrase 3

Watch Now