Sounds of Social Distancing | Week 9

Sounds of Social Distancing |

I don’t know about you but recent walks in London parks, filled with smiling throngs, tells me that for quite a few, lockdown seems to be on the way out.

Things are certainly easing up. Thank goodness.

For that reason, I am thinking that a weekly Playlist is no longer so desirable. And so I thought I might take a break after no.10 (next week) and see how it feels after then; or offer them on a monthly basis.

We delve a little into eastern Europe and indeed Mother Russia this week. A thrilling operatic opening gets our pulses racing, and then off we go with the customary potpourri, classical nuggets of gold, leavened with jazz and pop brilliance.

I and many others consider the closing of places of worship these past months unfortunate, when so many could have sought solitary solace in ample safe space. So the inclusion of two ecclesiastical tracks, a powerful choral offering by Brahms, and an organ voluntary by Bach, remind some of us of what we have been missing and needing.

This week our Festival should have opened. The irony is, of course, that as Friday approaches, the skies cloud over and the temperature drops for the first time for months! We have got pretty much everything in place for next year, and so all we need to do is be a little patient and look forward with terrific optimism.

Have a lovely week.

And Happy Listening

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