Jane Gordon-Clark

I am seeking to create movement in sculpture, which by its nature is often fairly static. Conveying emotion and deep feeling is equally challenging for the sculptor, but I had the opportunity to see the brilliant Edward Watson perform as Leontes in The Winter’s Tale, which inspired me to capture both sensations.  His dancing is supremely expressive; his long limbs, his athletic movements, his supreme artistry, and especially his extraordinarily expressive hands, reveal the passion he is feeling.  In this production, he was dressed in a frock coat so I was able to give the sculpture fluidity and a sense of motion as it flared around his body.

Movement in modern dance is expressed in the sculpture of Two Dancers, moving in harmony, yet separately from each other.

Diana and Actaeon are inspired by the ancient Greek myth. Actaeon was out hunting in the forest, when he chanced upon Diana, goddess of the hunt, bathing naked in a pool with her ladies. Affronted to be seen in this way, she instantly transformed him into a stag; this is the moment captured by the sculpture. Consequently, he was chased and devoured by his own hounds. She has the power.

Jane Gordon Clark


Jane Gordon Clark enjoys a triple career as sculptor, artist and designer. 

She studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford.

On leaving she began to work in Graphic Design, while continuing to paint and sculpt.  She creates all the designs for Ornamenta, the specialist wallpaper company she founded in 1986.

As an artist, Jane has held solo exhibitions of her work in London, in several London galleries, including the Oxo Tower Gallery, the Orangery Gallery and the Exhibition Road Gallery and in other London galleries. Works from these collections have been commissioned for public spaces, hotels and private houses in the UK and internationally.

Her sculpture was exhibited at La Galleria in Pall Mall in 2017, and previously in group shows, where it has been purchased by private collectors.

Jane has served as a Trustee on the board of the Victoria and Albert Museum and  is currently a Trustee of Heatherley’s Art School in Chelsea.