A creative arts project with youth groups and schools

Future Visions brings together Learning@TheGrange and WWF – an arts organization and a leading conservation group – to look at our damaged world through new lenses.  

Most of us understand that to address the environmental crisis the world is facing, we need to make changes to the way we live, in small and big ways.  But it is our young people who will be the true stewards of our planet in years to come.

This innovative project will encourage over 200 young people aged 7-23 to reimagine a future where human life and nature live in balance.

Working in groups in schools and educational organisations, they will explore and debate the issues and challenges of different landscapes on Earth raised by WWF, from African grasslands and South American wetlands to Urban life and Ancient woodlands here in UK.  

Led by our creative team, they will encouraged to dig deep into their imagination and  respond to the challenges by shaping their hopes and visions into words and music, creating a series of songs which will be filmed and edited.

The outcome will be a collection of short films representing the voice of young people to help drive the conversation about the kind of future we want.   2021 is the ‘Super year of Nature‘, with several global climate change conferences including COP26 here in Britain in November.

The aim is to encourage imaginative problem solving and creative thinking, to put aside fear and embrace hope – hope leading to action.  


If you are interested in supporting Learning@TheGrange with this important project, please contact Rachel@Thegrangefestival.co.uk. Your generosity  towards our education and community work will be recorded in the Festival programme



Preston Candover and Cheriton Primary Schools

Everest Academy, The Vyne and Cranbourne Secondary Schools in Basingstoke

Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke and University of Winchester

Hampshire County Youth Choir

Hampshire County Youth Orchestra and Wessex Dance