Art at the Grange

Deborah Gourlay
Layers Of Reality

Deborah has always been drawn by the atmosphere and sense of nostalgia in old and derelict buildings. She loves the light and mystery, the sense of history and the lost and found layers that such spaces impart.  ‘I see these silent interiors as a poetic space in which to daydream.  They exist neither in the past, nor in the present – in a sense it is time that now inhabits them’.  Deborah has spent many hours drawing and absorbing the spirit of The Grange, often perched high in the rafters, sometimes quite alone, and other times as the house came alive to the sounds of opera.  She has also drawn inspiration from opera performances.  ‘I am inspired by the visual magic and reverie that is created on stage.  The shifting sets constantly revealing and obscuring, from ghostly presences to the intensity of colour and pattern created from lighting, the stage sets and the wonderful costumes and characters, but also in the silent spaces in between and after the performances’.   

Deborah works spontaneously and intuitively combining and layering various media such as print, drawing, photography and painting.  In ‘‘Theatres of Light’,  her photographic images are created as a result of successive transformations using a layering technique incorporating constructed models, drawing and prints.  In ‘Liquid Light’ and ‘‘Spectral Shadows’ each photograph is unique and produced in the darkroom.  Her photographic images are continually moved through real and illusory space.  These led her on to create the ‘Fugitive Traces’ lightboxes which suggest a more ephemeral and transitory aspect of experiencing spaces through memory, allowing us to see time in all its elusiveness. 

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